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Market Leader in AI & Data Science

FiveRivers Technologies enjoys its reputation as a leading custom software development house with 16 years of experience working with partners from all over the world.

FiveRivers has been at the cutting edge of technology since 2003, pioneering Virtualization and Systems Management technology for Enterprise and Embedded systems, developing globally top ranked mobile applications downloaded tens of millions of times and winning international awards for our work. But for all the trails we’ve blazed, we’ve never been as excited about the future as we are now. The coming Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) revolutions will alter the tech landscape and our own lives in ways we can’t even fully imagine at present. So, while the history of the future still needs to be written and only its contours are visible, what we know for sure is that we won’t just be experiencing tomorrow from the sidelines. We will be rolling up our sleeves and building it! If you share our optimism about the magic of technology, and want to talk about how we can bring AI, Machine Learning, IoT solutions and VR to your enterprise and customers, reach out for a discussion today!

Make an I.M.P.A.C.T

We are a team of change-makers. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards of design, development, and automation; whether it’s our work or culture


We are constantly looking to do things in new and more efficient ways. Whether it is improving the user experience or code quality.


We believe motivation comes from working in a stimulating work environment with a passionate team. We provide both.


Delivering our work and managing tasks and communication in a positive and professional manner.


We believe in acknowledging and empowering all our team members so they may grow.


Nothing is possible without teamwork. Our teams are like a family - ready to help each other through any roadblocks.


We believe that together we can change the world. Together we can build the future.


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